Thursday, 12 January 2012

Printing a personal fold-out page for the Filofax Personal

I wanted to create a template to let me print and fold very wide pages, like Filofax use for their world map. One application I had for them was to print a Periodic Table, a notoriously wide graphic that is hard to read if printed too small.

I built the template in Word and sourced a nice JPEG of the table from Google Images.

I included the usual crop marks, plus folding marks. You need to perform the two folds before you start cutting. The left hand fold is what in origami they call a valley fold, the right hand one is a mountain fold. A tip is to fold both as mountain folds to start with, so you can see the guide marks as you fold. Once the fold is there, it is simple to change it from a mountain to a valley.

After a minute with a craft knife and ruler and another with the hole punch, here is what we have:

And here it is ready for filing away in the binder:

As usual, you can download the template in editable MS Word or Adobe PDF formats. If you choose the Word version, you can, of course, replace the Periodic Table with your own content.
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