Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Download your free page-per-day 2012 A4 or A5 Filofax diary

In November, I posted about my perfect A4/A5 diary layout. This was a 2 pages per day layout I had designed myself. I made available a PDF of a full 2012 set of pages and shared the source files too.

I have now built a 1 page per day version which you can download.

If you're not interested in the techie stuff and just want to get the pages now, you can download and print this PDF file. Print straight onto A4 paper, double sided. If you have an A5 Filofax, print on A4 in booklet mode and cut down the output into A5 sheets. If you want to play with the source files, read on.

You'll need this excel file which does all the hard work. You can adapt this to give you any date range you want; simply change the dates in the first column. See my earlier post for some technical insight into the content of this file.

You'll also need the Word layout template I merged the data into to make my layout. You can adapt this to produce pretty much any layout you could imagine, then merge into a document you can print and punch. Depending on what version of word you're using, Word may put section breaks between every record, which will throw out the mirrored gutter formatting in the format. If it does, the solution is quite simple; do a find and replace on section breaks (^b) to remove them all. You might also need to adjust the top and bottom margins until print preview confines the layout properly to single pages for your printer.

Of course, you can play with the layout to produce what works best for you. This approach is particularly useful to those switching mid-year because your pages can start and end on any date you like.
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