Wednesday 18 January 2012

Download a monthly planner for your Filofax

My new template allows you to plan each month for the month ahead. It can help you develop your goals and habits, plan for events and improve your financial situation.

It is a double-sided Personal page. As usual, you can download an editable Word file or a PDF version. Print onto A4, double-sided along the short edge. Use a craft knife to cut the sheets out using a steel ruler, using the crop marks to guide you. Then punch holes and file in your Personal-size Filofax.

Here is a quick guide to how you can use the sheet. This is a completed first page:

Click picture to zoom
At the top I've added the date, noting work and personal goals in the first section. Then I have noted some significant events that will occur during the month. In the financial section, I have shown my targets for both debt repayment and savings during the month. (Those without debt can leave the first blank, of course, but I recommend that whatever the size of your debt you undertake some savings activity as well as repaying the debt, to provide for emergencies.)

Finally on the first page, I have noted what habits I want to develop during the month, showing what I'd like to start doing, continue doing (habits started last month, for instance) and stop doing.

On the reverse of the page are some further sections:

Click picture to zoom
At the top is an area to capture ideas during the month for what might be considered for next month. Next comes a section to review the month at its end. I have rated the month (or rather my performance during the month) for each of the key aspects on a 1-5 scale. This allows me to give the month a score, out of a maximum of 20 points. Finally, there is a space for notes and reflections that arise from my review.

The review section means that after I've been doing this for a few months, I should be able to look back at the scores and reflections and identify some trends that will inform future planning.

I hope you will find this page useful. It strikes me that there is scope to do more in A4 or A5 size, and I intend to produce versions for these sizes soon.


Lyn Smith said...

Great idea. I have started using an A5 Filo, so I would appreciate it so much if you would make that size, too. This is definitely something I would use.

SNARLing: said...

this is an awesome template. i have been re-writing mine every month for awhile now. i keep meaning to make a layout for it but haven't had the time. this is a nice simple layout that i think i will adapt for my own. thanks so much. i'll be sure and share my adaptation through the Time_Life_Management area that Giovani di Gesu set up for philofaxy gtd followers. You should post your templetes there if you haven't already and have the time. I'm sure they will be even more well received there and you may even get some more ideas yourself. thanks again for sharing

Alison Reeves said...

Ray, you are a real star. This is a brilliant template. Thank you so much for sharing.

gdigesu said...

Ray, hi.

This is Giovani. Like the template a lot!!

If you would like to join the area, DM me @vgrovpro an e-mail address of yours.
It is very easy to join and you get 5GB of storage free.

Ray Blake said...

Thanks, all. I'll gladly upload to the area, and will work on A5/A4 versions soon.

Ray Blake said...

It's ray DOT blake AT gmail DOT com.

Raine said...

oh my gosh! This is perfect!!!! Just want I needed! thanks for making it available!

Unknown said...

This is fab, do you have it in A4 yet? :) x

Ray Blake said...


Brianetta said...

I love these, thanks. Any possibility of squeezing three onto a sheet? It'd save a lot of paper.

Ray Blake said...

Some printers have margins big enough to handle all three whereas some don't. I'm also conscious that some people will be printing on the shorter Letter-sized paper.


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