Tuesday 15 December 2015

New Giramondo sizes from Gillio

Last year, Gillio released the Giramondo notebook cover. I reviewed it here. I was impressed. Today, Gillio are releasing three new sizes to fill out the range.

In the picture above, the regular Girmondo (now called the 'Large') is second from the left. That's a similar size to the full size Midori, holding standard 210mm x 100mm booklets.

To its right, meet the two new smaller Giramondos. The Small (S) takes Field Notes and similarly-sized booklets, while the Extra Small (XS) holds passport-sized booklets.

The biggest cover in the shot is the Extra Large (XL). This is designed to hold a Moleskine Large Cahier booklet, which measures 210mm x 130mm. 

All three new covers feature the same luxury leather and  internal detailing:

Extra Small, internal view

Small, internal view

Extra Large, internal view
Prices for the new sizes are as follows:  

   XS = €130 (ex VAT = 107.44)
   S = €155 (ex VAT = 128.10)
   XL = €195 (ex VAT = 161.16)

Gillio have given me three new covers - one in each of the new sizes - which I will be giving away shortly. Look out for a post in the coming days to see how you can win one of these beauties.

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