Friday, 5 July 2013

Topic divider set for your A5 Filofax to print at home

Remember my Antique and Antiquity topic tabs for the Filofax Personal? Well now there's a version for A5 Filofax users as well. The bigger size and especially the wider page means you get to see more of the pictures, as the example below shows. Personal size is on the left, A5 on the right.

If you use an A5 Filofax and would like to give these dividers a try, you can download them and print them for yourself.

You can download the templates below as a Word documents, containing six pages, with one A5 divider on each. Each page will print on A4 card, with crop marks to make cutting them out easy.

Those of you in North America who have struggled to obtain A4 paper are likely to have even more trouble obtaining A4 card, so I've made a version for you that is based on Letter paper.

Antique and Antiquity dividers (A4)
Antique and Antiquity dividers (Letter)
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