Friday 19 July 2013

Rome-themed divider set for your A5 Filofax to print at home

In response to a request, I have more topic dividers, today. These are based on buildings in Rome.

Click to enlarge

If you use an A5 Filofax and would like to give these dividers a try, you can download them and print them for yourself.

You can download the templates below as a Word documents, containing six pages, with one A5 divider on each. Each page will print on A4 card, with crop marks to make cutting them out easy.

Those of you in North America might prefer to download the version based on Letter paper.

Rome dividers (A4)
Rome dividers (Letter)


Steve Morton said...

Thanks Ray, I think Mrs M might like these!


Josh LaPorte said...

Ray! Awesome stuff! I lived in Roma for a few years and miss it terribly. Roma dividers in my filo would make me smile daily.

Jen said...

These are fantastic!

Chrissie said...

Hi Ray, I'm new to your blog, came across from Pinterest. I've just tried to download these but it says that the host is out of bandwidth (no idea what that means) Is there another place that you have them for download other than Box.
Really loving the blog. TIA


Ray Blake said...

Aha. Looks like I've run out of monthly bandwidth. Tomorrow is the first of the month, so try then. In the meantime, I'll look at how to increase my limit.


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