Saturday 27 July 2013

Make an easy kraft file insert for your Midori Traveler's Notebook

I have previously shown how to make a kraft file insert from a file folder. That is pretty easy to do, but today I'm going to show you an even quicker and easier way to create a similar insert.

Start with a regular, A4-size envelope like this:

Mark a horizontal line 210mm from the bottom of the envelope:

Cut along this line and discard the top of the envelope. Here's what you should be left with:

Now fold this piece in half along a vertical line, like this:

What you are going to do now is to mark out and remove a funnel-shaped central piece from the top layer of your envelope only. As shown below, this will leave you with a little folder with a flap at each side the works exactly like a kraft file insert.

This project costs nothing if you start with a used envelope and takes no more than three minutes. It's not quite as sturdy as the real thing (unless you have a really thick envelope, or maybe a tyvek envelope) but it's very easy to quickly replace it if it starts to get tattered with use.

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Beate said...

Thank you so much, Ray! Thank you for your generosity and your hard work here. I appreciate it so much! Be blessed,


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