Wednesday 26 June 2013

Topic divider set for your Filofax to print at home

Following the popularity of my monthly dividers, I have produced a set of topic dividers based on the theme of 'Antique and Antiquity'. Here's what hey look like:

Since making this picture, incidentally, I've had some help with my translations.

The templates are set up with pictures I've found through Google Images and just cropped down to fit the format. The intention is that you can replace these with your own pictures.

When you add pictures, you'll need to position, size and crop them. This will be hard if you don't know how to make pictures 'float' in a Word document. To do this, once your picture is in the document, right-click on the picture and from the pop-up menu, select 'text wrapping', then 'behind text'. You can then drag the picture around at will. Finally, select your picture, right-click and choose 'send to back' to put the picture 'behind' the calendar and the tab.

You can download the templates below as Word documents. Each page will print on A4 card and contain two different Personal-size dividers, with crop marks to make cutting them out easy.

Antique and Antiquity divider set


Carol said...

Ray, these are just the sort of thing I was looking for right now. They're terrific. Thanks for the instructions too. I doubt I'll want to replace the pictures, they're just right. Great stuff!

DEM said...

Love, love, love!!!

Unknown said...

The pictures are lovely, but the German translations aren't quite correct.

diary = Kalender or Terminkalender

(Tagebuch refers more to the 'dear diary' kind of diary)

Aufzeichnungen is theoretically correct but a better translation for notes would be Notizen.

finanzieren is the verb while Finanzen would be the noun.

Hope that helps. If you ever want to offer some of your inserts in German I would gladly do the translation for you. Aside from being German I also work as an English-German translator.

Ray Blake said...

Thanks, Daniela. As I say in the post, "Since making this picture, incidentally, I've had some help with my translations." If you download the set you'll see these are all now different.


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