Sunday 23 June 2013

Midori Traveler's Notebook-compatible Daily Journal to download and make - now with times

In response to a reader request, I have produced a version of the Midori-compatible Daily Journal with pre-printed appointment times added. Here is how it looks:

These are designed to work as Midori Traveler's Notebook inserts but will work equally well as stand-alone booklets.

You can download one or more of the sets. Each contains two months of pages, so the whole of 2014 is spread across six booklets.

I'm making this available as a in two formats, so everyone should be able to use it. If you want to tinker with it, choose the editable Word file, which is unprotected.

Each file prints double-sided on A4 paper in booklet mode. In all, you'll print sixteen sheets per set, which you can then bind into a cover and trim. This post will show you how.

Here are the files:


Unknown said...

Wooo Hooo! Perfect and thank you! Would you mind if I told the folks at Fountain Pen Network about what you are doing.

It really is a terrific service and I am sure that many there would love to know.



Ray Blake said...

Feel free.

WeirdRockStar said...

Oh, OH! You darling man have printables for Midori TN. Fantastic! Hence my blogroll needed your presence, hope you don´t mind?

Ray Blake said...

Of course not.


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