Friday 7 June 2013

Free daily journal sets for the Midori Traveler's Notebook - 2014 version

In good time for next year, I am producing 2014 versions for all my Midori Traveler's Notebook inserts. Today it's the Daily Journal layout. Here's how it looks:

Inside front cover - opening page

Inside spread

These are designed to work as Midori Traveler's Notebook inserts but will work equally well as stand-alone booklets.

Ideal if you want to try keeping a journal, these will also suit people who sometimes have busy days and want the freedom to organise their schedule on a free-format basis.

You can download one or more of the sets. Each contains two months of pages, so the whole of 2014 is spread across six booklets.

I'm making this available as a in two formats, so everyone should be able to use it. If you want to tinker with it, choose the editable Word file, which is unprotected.

Each file prints double-sided on A4 paper in booklet mode. In all, you'll print sixteen sheets per set, which you can then bind into a cover and trim. This post will show you how.

Here are the files:


Unknown said...

Ray, these Midori daily planner inserts are terrific. I just got some A4 paper and will print my own set for 2013 tomorrow. I live in the US and A4 is not nearly as common as in the UK.

Do you know of some sort of macro or something that will allow me to put hours on the left side of each page so that I can use it to show appointments, etc? Seems like a lot of cutting of pasting without some sort of automation.

Thank you,


Ray Blake said...

I don't have an easy way to do that, but I might look at a version with times. What boundary times would you need?

Unknown said...

Thank you Ray. I am thinking 8AM to 8PM. I will try tomorrow, but I wonder if, since the document is in Word, if I can try something with find and replace. It may be too long a string, including all the lines.


Ray Blake said...

Barry, email me ( and I'll send you a prototype to try.

Else M Tennessen said...

So cool, Ray, thanks! Do you have a TN Passport sized version? (hint)

Ray Blake said...

Not yet, but I'll add it to my development list.

Ileza said...

Hi Ray, thank you for development these fantastic inserts, made my Midori TN so different and wonderful.

But when I tried to download the 2014 Day-to-a-page and Day-to-a-page with appointment times 2014, I noticed that there's a blank page between the 2nd and 3rd of every beginning month(for example, Jan 2nd and 3rd, Mar 2nd and 3rd, etc,) result in the subsequent form error.

The odd thing is that it looks normal in Word File, but when I converted to the PDF file, the blank page problem appears (even the PDF files you upload have the same problem.)

So I'm wondering is there any way to fix this problem?

Again, I'm really grateful you share these great inserts.

Thank you very much.

Ray Blake said...

Thanks for spotting this. I've uploaded corrected versions. If you download again you'll find the problem has disappeared.

Ileza said...

Thanks for responding so soon!!

陳居歪 said...

wish have TN PA ver. :D

Cris said...

Thank you very much for sharing Ray.


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