Sunday, 24 March 2013

My handmade Traveler's notebook in new sizes

When I made my own Midori-style Traveler's Notebooks, I began with the classic size. Midori also makes a passport-sized cover, though, and I was keen to make one of these too.

The method is exactly the same as for the full-size model, but the starting dimensions of your leather piece need to be 132mm x 200mm.

But then I thought that both the full-size and the passport-size Midori inserts are not easily available in many places. Much more common is the Moleskine and Field Notes 9cm x 14cm format:

So why not make a Traveler's Notebook to fit this size? That's what I did, starting with a piece of leather 150mm x 210mm. I used plain, vegetable-tanned leather which I dyed myself.

Here is how it came out:

Here's a detail of the spine elastic:

And here are three cahiers nestling within:

These are so easy to make and so nice to use. Why not have a go?

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