Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Our range of free 2013 Filofax diaries to download and use

Steve and I have had our gang of little people diary makers busy in the office these last few weeks assembling the full set of 2013 inserts for your pleasure. (Actually, Steve has done most of the work on getting these 2013 ready, so my thanks to him.)

In this post we will list all of the formats available. Please refer back to the original articles for the details on each format and also to the source files if you fancy coming up with a format of your own, or just a variation on one we already have done. Anything is possible!

We will not be laying off the little people just yet.... they will have a rest during the summer and we will put them back to work again in the New Year to get them to produce the 2014 inserts... if there is the demand of course... we have no idea how many of you are using them.

Anyway if you have any suggestions for improvements or comments about how you are using these inserts we would love to hear from you and we will pass on the comments to the little people.

A4/A5 Format inserts for 2013
Personal on Personal Paper
Personal on A4 Paper
Pocket on A4 Paper
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