Sunday 29 April 2012

Filofax Turbo Tasks - now for the Personal size

My A5 Turbo Tasks page has proved very popular and I wanted to produce a version for the Filofax Personal size. I found that because of the page width I could only produce it in landscape format:

All the same features are included.

  • A priority column on the left. Assign 1s, 2s, 3s or As, Bs, Cs or your own system
  • Start and finish date columns to the right. Having a start date allows you to log tasks you can’t yet tackle; the finish date lets you show hard deadlines.
  • A check box. You know what to do with this.
Note faint line inset from the left of the task field. You can use this if you want to introduce a sort of hierarchy into your task list. You can see in the picture above how I've used this in breaking down the party task:

If your task is standalone or top-level just write over the faint line. If you are entering a subsidiary task, use it as your left-edge.

It is a double-sided Personal page. As usual, you can download an editable Word file or a PDF version. Print onto A4, double-sided along the short edge. Use a craft knife to cut the sheets out using a steel ruler, using the crop marks to guide you. If you need detailed instructions, they're here. Then punch holes and file in your Personal-size Filofax.


Paul B said...

Ray, thanks for all your work on this and other forms. I've tinkered with some of your previous ones (still having a nightmare trying to print manual duplex on a 9-year old HP deskjet but thats another story). Im about to create a satellite Personal, to work in tandem with my 3-Kilogram A5 work filofax. Its now heavier than my laptop....but it never runs out of power.

Ray Blake said...

You're welcome. My A5 business Filofax is similarly hefty - much happier on a desk than being carried around.


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