Sunday 18 August 2019

Free Midori TN calendar (diary) inserts for 2020: Part 1 - Full size weekly layouts

It's time to start thinking about 2020.

In a series of posts I will present the full set of all available layouts in all available sizes. All will be available for download as A4 and Letter paper PDFs. As ever, they are all free for personal use. If you want to make me happy you can visit and consider buying one of my (inexpensive) paperback or Kindle books.

We start today with the suite of weekly diaries.

(By the way, I'm using pictures of the 2019 layouts here because I'm lazy, but what you download will be for 2020.)

1. Week to view with tasks

With this layout, you have a choice of colours. You will need to make two booklets to cover a whole year. Some people have a different colour for each half.

 2020 A4 version - Blue:    H1   H2
 2020 A4 version - Green:    H1   H2
 2020 A4 version - Orange:    H1   H2
 2020 A4 version - Red:    H1   H2
 2020 A4 version - Purple:    H1   H2

 2020 Letter version - Blue:    H1   H2
 2020 Letter version - Green:    H1   H2
 2020 Letter version - Orange:    H1   H2
 2020 Letter version - Red:    H1   H2
 2020 Letter version - Purple:    H1   H2

2. Week on two pages - purist layout

This layout is for people who want a very traditional layout, dedicating the maximum possible space to each day.

Again, you will need both halves to make up a full year.

 2020 A4 version:    H1   H2
 2020 Letter version:    H1   H2

3. Week to a page - purist layout

Based on the week on two pages purist layout, this places a week on each stage in the same style. The advantage is that a single booklet covers the whole year.

 2020 A4 version
 2020 Letter version

You can get more guidance on booklet making in this video.

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Ray, thank you so much fir your work! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


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