Saturday 6 May 2017

Now there's three of them

It wasn't long ago I was announcing the Very Short Shorts sequel, and today there is a third.

Once again, these are collections of fifty-word stories, ten in each volume. If you're wondering what a fifty-word story can achieve, here's one from the new volume:

Miss Bronte’s outline for a sequel
In joy we married. We honeymooned, drunk on each other. But it all went wrong. Harsh words and insults became punches and kicks. He had so much anger and such strength. I did the only thing I could to save myself. Death finally stilled his rage. Reader, I buried him.

Like the first two volumes, it's a very quick read indeed and priced accordingly. Each of the books costs about a pound, a dollar, a euro - or any local equivalent. It might not fill the theatre interval, but it will cost less.

Use these links to view the book at your local Amazon site in your own currency:

     Very Short Shorts

     Very Short Shorts 2

     Very Short Shorts 3

To view all my books, many of which are available as paperbacks as well as Kindle e-books, visit this link:

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