Wednesday 3 June 2015

The new personal size traveller's notebook cover

I have seen a few references to 'personal size' traveller's notebook covers. Like the Field Notes size, this isn't a size offered by Midori, but nor is it the size of a standalone notebook. Rather, it is based on the Filofax Personal page size of 171mm x 95mm. You can see how this compares with other sizes here:

It is smaller than a regular Midori, bigger than a passport or Field Notes size. This is a size that is going to suit many people.

I don't know who originated the personal size notebook cover but the first seller I saw offering them was Jennifer Harvey, in her ChciSparrow web store, which is where I bought mine. I chose the colour called "Maple Sugar" and for personal size the cost was $94.50.

And here it is:

 Here is the inside view:

The cover is beautiful. Jennifer has created a stunning product here, which I'm sure will outlive me. And as I put it to use and it acquires some personality it will get better and better,

I made a few inserts for it, starting with a lined notebook:

I spent a while tinkering with my weekly diary layout and wrestling it into this size and format:

Then I thought it would be fun to carry a kraft paper insert too:

Here they all are together, including one of Marianne's 6 pocket folders I made:

I will be making inserts available in the coming days, which will as usual be free to download, print and use.

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