Saturday 1 February 2014

The "please-make-one-for-me" post - buying my notebook covers

** Edited January 2017 to update prices **

I'm a big fan of the Midori Traveler's Notebook. It is simple, functional and beautiful. It's also a little on the staid side.

I thought it would be easy to make one myself, perhaps with different-coloured leathers. I did it. And then I thought other people might like to see how it is done and make their own. I made a video:

People liked the idea of having such a notebook cover, but many told me they didn't feel confident enough to make one themselves. Could I make one for them?

I made lots of them. Over a hundred. In all sorts of colours and in different sizes. I sent them all over the world. People seemed to like them.

If you want me to make one for you, I'd be happy to.

You have choices. First, you need to settle on a size. You can choose from three sizes:

My prices are £35 for full size and £25 for FN and PP sizes. There's no additional shipping cost to anywhere in the world.

Available colours will vary from time to time. Email me and tell me what size you're thinking about and give me some idea of your colour preferences and we can home in on your colour from there.

You might also like your name (or someone else's) stamped on the cover, and I can do this at no extra cost. Here's what this looks like:

Once we've got all the details agreed, I'll ask you to pay through PayPal and then I'll get started. Some time shortly afterwards, your cover will arrive in the mail.

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