Saturday 19 October 2013

DIY Field Notes size kraft file

If you have a Field Notes size Midori-style notebook cover, you might like to make this insert which provides some nice pockets to hold receipts, index cards and other bits and pieces.

It's really easy to make one for yourself. All you need is:
  • A piece of A4 card
  • A pencil
  • A sharp knife 
  • A steel ruler
  • Glue
Follow these instructions a step at a time and you can't go wrong.

To begin with, place the card down in landscape orientation and draw a vertical line the divides it in the exact centre, then on line on either side of this, each around 2mm from the central line:

Next, draw further vertical lines as below:

The next line is horizontal:

Note how these measurements mirror those of the Field Notes books - 140mm x 90mm.

Next you'll need a couple of short horizontal lines - one each end - a couple of mm above the main horizontal line:

Now mark two diagonal lines at the bottom:

Using the steel ruler and the knife, cut where shown:

Your piece will now look like this:

Score along all the remaining pencil lines that remain, using the ruler and knife, but pressing lightly so as not to cut right through the card. Then fold the two side flaps in towards the centre:

Now apply some glue to the bottom part of these side flaps:

Finally, fold up the bottom flaps and hold in place for a minute or two while the glue sets:

You can use a corner cutter if you want rounded corners. Your kraft file is now ready to sit behind the booklet(s) in your notebook cover.

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