Tuesday 13 August 2013

Template for printing directly on Filofax Personal paper

I've had a few requests for a Word template that will let you print directly onto plain Filofax paper and today I am making one available for download. Not all printers will handle this size of paper and very few will be able to use their duplex function with it. But if you're happy to print a side at a time, this is what you need.

It comes with some placeholder text so you can see where the margins are. It is set up with mirror margins, so odd-numbered pages have their margin for the holes on the left, while even-numbered pages expect the holes to be on the right.

This might be handy for information you need to have to hand. I have a sheet, for instance, with all the phone numbers to report the loss of different credit and membership cards (which I don't carry in my Filofax or the list might be pointless!)

Anyway, whatever your use, you can download the file by clicking here: Filofax Personal Microsoft Word template 

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