Friday, 16 August 2013

Ideas for your Personal Filofax page template

So you've downloaded your Filofax Personal page template for Word. You probably have ideas of your own for how you might use it, but here are a couple I had.

I'm always using websites to find recipes for food I'd like to make, but when I'm ready to make something I often decide just to make something familiar because I can't be bothered going to find the recipe again. Well, with a little cut-and-paste action, I can have that recipe in my Filofax ready for use next time:

Do you have an email inbox full of emails that contain information you don't need right now, but don't want to forget? Again, a little cut-and-paste into the template and you can happily file or delete the mail, knowing that you have its information accessible and ready for use:

What ideas have you had for using the template?

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