Monday 7 January 2013

New Filofax A5 diary layout for free download - Minimalist Day Per Page

The request for this one came from a reader. She did most of the work, sketching the layout that I then simply built in Word and linked to some dates data. It would be ideal for those who want a less structured day per page dairy and comes in two flavours, one with narrow-ruled lines and another that allows for bigger writing.

Narrow-ruled version - click to zoom

Wide-ruled version - click to zoom

You can download prepared 2013 sets in either the narrow-ruled version (Word document or PDF document) or the wide ruled version (Word document or PDF document).

Each version is set up as an A4 document. To use them as A5 inserts, print the document in booklet mode on A4 paper, then use a guillotine to divide each sheet into two and punch the required holes, which the templates are set up with mirrored gutters to accommodate. Or, if you have A5 paper, then either the printer or the PC will scale it to size for you.

If you want to tinker, then you can download the source files. Starting with the Word files, choose between the narrow-ruled version or the wide ruled version. With either, you'll need the Excel data file as well.

As long as you have some basic Word and Excel skills, you should be able to give this a go. You'll need to be able to set up a basic mail merge file link, and there are plenty of web tutorials that show you the way - Google using the search terms: Word Excel Mail Merge 20xx (where 'xx' is 02, 03, 07 or 10, depending on your version.)

Depending on what version of Word you're using, Word may put section breaks between every record, which will throw out the mirrored gutter formatting in the layout. If it does, the solution is quite simple; do a find and replace on section breaks (^b) to remove them all.

But if all you want to do is change a font or a font colour, you can download the prepared 2013 set and perform a format find and replace in Word. This link will show you how. 

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