Tuesday 22 November 2011

Download and print your own A4 or A5 diary pages

Based on the diary layout I designed, this PDF file is a full 2-page-per-day diary for 2012. I'll make the source files available if there's demand so people can adapt the layout and set up for any period they like.

NB: This is in part a test of whether I can use Box.com to share files in this way. If it doesn't work, Steve has offerred to host for me at Philofaxy.


Steve Morton said...

Download works. Thanks

Lynne Dove said...

Brilliant. Thank you very much.

terriknits said...

thanks so much for sharing this! I am Excel-impaired and can't get the mailmerge/calendar thingie to work when I've tried before.

Didier said...

Thanks for that layout.
Really like it.

Could you share the Excel document ?
I'm interested in seeing how you programmed the mini-calendars.

Ray Blake said...

Thanks for the kind comments. I'm about to get on a plane but will post the Excel merge source file soon so those interested can check out the formulae.


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