Monday 3 August 2020

Free 2021 Filofax calendar (diary) downloads part 6: Personal size, monthly and yearly layouts

This is the third of my posts for the 2021 Personal inserts, covering monthly and yearly inserts for Personal size organisers; Pocket size posts will follow.

These inserts arise from a collaboration between me and Steve Morton of Philofaxy and you can find the files there also. We've been making these together for nearly ten years and plan to keep going for ten more at least. I've made the decision to consolidate the range a little, and cut down on the number of very similar inserts and those that attract very few dowloads. BUT the source files are still here (see below) and if you are happy to roll your sleeves up you can go and recreate any of the old sets yourself. 

Although you'll still find the source files on this site and on Philofaxy to produce your own diary sets for any year (or any shorter period) people seem to like the convenience of downloading full year sets. Here are Personal sets for 2021.

6. Month per page set

This is a simple layout, taking up very little ring space.

Download your choice of format:

2.6.1    Word    PDF

7. Month on two pages set

If you have a little more room, this layout gives you a double-page spread for each month.

Download your choice of format:

2.7.1    Word    PDF

8. Yearly set

This layout folds up to cover the whole year on a single sheet.

Download your choice of format:

2.8.1    Word    PDF

Printing instructions

Each file is set up as an A4 document. Print this double-sided. If you have a duplex printer, set it to flip on the short edge. If you don't then you'll have to print odd-numbered pages and then refeed to print the even-numbered pages on the reverse. You might have to experiment to find out how to refeed the paper.

On one side of each sheet you'll find crop marks. Use a craft knife and a steel ruler to release the Personal pages and punch them. The templates are set up with mirrored gutters to accommodate the holes. For the yearly page, fold first, then unfold and cut, or you won't know where to fold.

If using the PDF be sure to set it to print at full size as explained here.

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