Sunday 5 July 2015

Free 2016 planner inserts for the Traveler's Notebook - Field Notes size

I recently posted 2016 versions of my popular weekly planner layout for the full size Traveler's Notebook and for the Moleskine Large Cahier size. Today, I'm adding the Field Notes versions.

Each booklet covers half a year, so for the full year, you'll need both the H1 and H2 files.

The files are ready to print. Simply download and print on regular printer paper, double-sided with the duplex set to flip on the short edge (if you get this setting wrong, half your pages will be upside down, so practice with just a few pages first.) It you have single-side printing only, print the odd pages first, then refeed the printed pages upside down and print the even pages on the back (again, practice on a few sheets first to make sure you get this right for your printer.)

You can download the A4 version if your country has sensible paper sizes or the Letter version if it doesn't. Using either version, making the booklet will require you to cut down the printed booklet in height as well as width.

Here are the files:

  2016 A4 version: H1  H2     

  2016 Letter version: H1  H2

You can get more guidance on booklet making in this video. Remember that for this size you are cutting to 90mm wide rather than 110mm and you are cutting top and bottom to leave a booklet 140mm tall:

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