Wednesday 22 May 2013

Make your own Filofax coupon tracking envelope

Coupons can save you money, but only if you use them before they expire. In the past I’ve tried burying them in a wallet or a drawer until they expire, but that doesn’t seem to achieve anything.

So now I am actively tracking my coupons and making sure I use them in good time. I’ve produced an envelope for the purpose.

Just like my Filofax expenses envelope, you can print this on a single sheet of paper, then fold and glue it into an envelope. On the front of the envelope you can keep track of your coupons and their expiry dates, and the envelope will safely hold those coupons so you’ll have them handy when the time comes to use them.

If you collect a lot of coupons, you could have one envelope for each store - or type of store - for which you have coupons.

You can download the envelope as an editable Microsoft Publisher file or as a PDF file. Either way, print the file, cut, fold and stick as shown in this video:


DEM said...

I love all of your helpful tools and tricks, Ray! I'm going to adopt this one!! Just yesterday I went through my wallet and had to throw away about seven expired coupons! What a waste!

Thank you for yet another fabulous tool!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the helpful tip and printable Ray! Always have great tips to share. Thanks so much! :)


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