Tuesday 19 February 2013

Make a slip cover for your Midori Traveler's Notebook insert

This one is just for fun. It's a slip cover you can make to store a spare or completed insert booklet.

It's really very easy to make. Begin with a file folder. It can be A4, foolscap, letter or legal size. Open it up flat so the central fold is horizontal, like this:

Next, use a ruler and carefully draw the lines illustrated below.

Cut along the red dotted lines, and score the green ones. Your piece, once cut out, should look like this:

Fold the bottom flap up. Glue the two side flaps and fold them over. It's best to do this while an insert is tucked inside, because this will give it the right, slightly three-dimensional shape.

It will now look like this - sealed on three edges and opening only at the top:

Now you can take a circular punch and make the semi-circular hole at the top edge - front and back - to provide a finger-indent.

The insert will sit fully enclosed by the slip cover except in this indent, where you can grip it with your fingers and pull it out.

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