Monday 11 September 2023

Free Midori TN calendar (diary) inserts for 2024: Part 6 - Field Notes size layouts

We're there, finally, at the last of the 2024 diary sets posts. This time it is my Field Notes sized inserts. As usual, all are available for download as A4 and Letter paper PDFs and are all free for personal use. 

For the last time this year, then, here we go.

Note that I've lazily reused some of the 2023 and older pictures from last year, but I promise that what you download from the links will be the actual 2024 versions.

1. Week on two pages

The week on two pages layout gives you a straightforward planning view, a week at a time.

 You'll need two booklets for a full year.

  2024 A4 version: H1  H2

  2024 Letter version: H1  H2

2. Daily log book

The daily log book is ideal for tracking daily activities - exercise, say, or diet - even Pokemon Roblox whatever the kids are doing this year.

  2024 A4 version

  2024 Letter version

Special offer

Maybe you prefer not to print your own. I will print and bind a 2024 daily log book for you at a cost of £6.50, including regular postage to anywhere in the world. It will have a printed card cover that looks like this:

If you want to take advantage of this offer, email me
( and we can make arrangements.

Printing instructions 

You can print on to plain A4 paper in most of the world, or, if you’re in a country saddled with Letter paper, you can download a special version of your own. Either way, print at 100% – no scaling – duplexing by flipping the paper on the short edge. Then follow the instructions in the video below to bind your pages into a booklet. Remember that for this format you need to cut at a width of 90mm rather than 110mm and you'll have to trim 35 mm from the top and from the bottom as well, leaving you a booklet 140 mm tall. If you’re using Letter paper you’ll have to trim a bit more at the top and bottom to end up with a booklet that’s 140mm tall (Google will tell you whatever that is in inches, I’m sure.)

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